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Samuel Savenberg (*1987) works in the fields of contemporary electronic music and media arts.

In 2014 the Swiss musician and producer Samuel Savenberg released his first EP under the moniker S S S S. His music can be called techno only as a last resort. It has appeared on Haunter Records, aufnahme+wiedergabe, and LUX Records consistently defying clear-cut classification. Tracks propelled forward by industrial and broken beats find themselves alongside (dis)quiet pieces based on melodies.

In recent years, Savenberg has performed his work in various settings, live or as a DJ in clubs, but also as accompaniments to dance and performance shows or specifically composed for multi-channel systems. As S S S S he has played at the renown Berlin techno club Berghain, at Café OTO in London, and at European festivals such as Bad Bonn Kilbi, Unsafe and Sound and UH-Fest, opening for bands including HEALTH, The Soft Moon, and The Body. He is also part of Prosecco-Wave EBM-Band Die Selektion and has worked with Brazilian singer Dillon.

Booking (S S S S only): oli at orden-agency.com
For other inquiries or general questions please contact: samuelsavenberg at gmail.com